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Tutor Test

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Name on OTS
What Is a Tutor? GameMaster And Counsellors Helpers.
A guy who delivers Pizza.
Owner of server
What is your OT Skills? Expert
A little Under Average
I tell him he is a noob, and he shall fuck off
I ask if he got any questions about this OT
I tell him that the Counsellors will give him some start money when they see him.
Ask him nicely to get some of his friends to join
You are a Tutor, and a level 8 newcomer ask you for help. What do you do?You are a Tutor, and you see a newcomer. What do you do? I tell him to fuck off.
I help him as much as i can, and tells him that counsellors will be able to help him more than youself.
I kill him, and spam him with "Noob"
You see a guy using macro. What do you do? Report him to the gamemaster.
Let him alone.
Asks him wich macro he use
What is a Scripter? A scripter makes NPCs, Quest, Houses, and so on.
A Scripter is a Gamemaster
A scripter makes Websites
Who owns this server? Counsellor Achill
Counsellor Nicklas
Byggemand Bob